Check out Jaime's review of Urban Massage below... Hopefully it will make you think incorporating more recovery into your regime. 

When I was approached to write a blog post on Urban Massage, I literally asked if it was some type of yoga I had never heard of. Sally laughed at me, but in all honesty, it didn’t seem like the most outrageous assumption. Massage has been used for centuries as a way to help manage stress, ease pain and tension, and promote general wellbeing. The same can be said for stretching, and yoga, so by definition, if done properly all trades are an urban form of meditation.

So, when I was approached to write this blog post I thought I was behind the times, falling short of the industry standard when it came to what I should know as a yoga teacher.

Turns out that Urban Massage has nothing to do with yoga, is a to-your-doorstep tailored massage service that has been around for nearly four years, dominating three countries, and I am just generally behind the times.

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me, so I gave it a go last week.

Namaste. It was fantastic. Honestly, the easiest service. I typed urban massage into the google search on my IPhone, whacked my postal code in the search bar, contemplated between 11 treatments [went for the sports massage if you’re wondering] and there were several available technicians available within the hour, every half hour. The technicians all have ratings and bio’s, so you can be quite selective with your masseuse, you pick one, you pick a time.. Et voila! 60, 90 or 120 minutes of complete bliss.

I chose a woman who was a certified yoga teacher herself, I figured she would be best suited to assist me with my shoulders, naturally damaged from excessive chataranga. It was such a fast service that I nearly wasn’t ready when they showed up at the door. I was a little weirded out about inviting someone into my home to massage me, but then I remembered that people frequently invite me into their home to teach them yoga, so put on my robe and slippers, lit the room with candles and had Bon Iver playing out of the speakers. To be honest it was probably weird for her.

I quickly realised the neglect I had shown my body when it came to my rest and recovery. Teaching as often as I do requires quite a lot of after care if I want to keep myself healthy, and sometimes it falls behind, especially when it’s not quick and convenient. This is the beauty of Urban Massage, I was answering emails until my doorbell rang, we were set up in five minutes and I could have been back to answering emails 5 minutes after we finished. I didn’t, I totally napped, but that’s beside the point.

I already incorporate stretching into my weekly training schedule, but going forward I will be making an effort to get a massage as well. We all hear the importance of active recovery, yet we always opt for the easy calorie burn instead because we assume that it will serve our goals best – but this definitely isn’t the case. You have to mix it up, take care of your body. Recovery is just as important as our training, it prevents injury which prevents future frustration when your doctor tells you to stay out of the gym for 6 weeks.

Core Collective understand this, in fact its trainers urge clients to seek active recovery weekly which is why we’ve created Stretch, and which is why we’re offering a discount to all of our clients to find a treatment through Urban Massage that works for them. It’s another way for us to keep you feeling your best.

We all work out to feel good, right? Well let me tell you a massage definitely feels better than a spin class.

So go put on your robe, light your candles, put on your favourite playlist and totally zen out.

Book at and use THE code CORECOM to get £10 off your first booking!