Why was Pace created?

Unlike many other cardio workouts, the erg (rowing machine) works your cardio engine - i.e. the heart, to its maximum as it targets all the major muscle groups for a powerful full body workout.  If I could choose one piece of equipment to create a lean and toned physique it would be the erg.  When I was introduced to the hellish burn of rowing combined with weighted lifts I experienced a workout like no other before (and I train a lot - and hard!). I was given some technical advice by a Royal Henley Regatta rower - who showed me that technique is absolutely key to getting the best results. I loved it because I could see myself getting stronger and fitter and those gains were measurable. So Jason, myself and Paddy developed a fun, advanced fitness class that we could introduce to the Core Collective clients - so they can push themselves to new levels of strength and endurance. 

Why rowing?

For me it's the ultimate combination of cardio, technique and power. To get the best results you have to engage all your major muscle groups: glutes, quads, hamstrings, abs, lower, mid and upper back.  It's a compound movement - and they give you the best bang for your buck! Or rather the best results for your time.  And it's not just about cardio fitness, it's about power output. So that makes rowing the mecca for fat-burning and toning. Rowing can also improve posture, because it recruits all the supporting mid and lower back muscles that usually get overlooked in most people's training.

How is the class structured and why?

Each week we introduce new elements to continue working on all-round athleticism. The basics stay the same, a rowing and floor based warm-up to get the heart rate up, and joints and muscles activated. Then we settle in for the grind, which consists of a METCON (metabolic conditioning) exercise which could take on various formats from Tabata style training to endurance workouts. Each class also has a measurable set in which we set individuals targets and compare to previous results.

How can you progress in class?

Generally, power output is measured through 500m splits. So as your technique, cardio and power output improves, your time over 500m segments will reduce. Over time we also measure 250m / 500m / 1km and 2km times. 

What are the important things for clients to think about in class and what are the biggest mistakes to avoid? 

Rowing technique! Engage your core, not just your abs, but lower back muscles which will force you into correct body posture. I hate focusing on mistakes, I'd rather point out what you're doing right, but to keep clients safe, it's important to keep your posture correct during rowing. During the "drive movement" on the erg, we put a lot of power through our legs which translates to a lot of pressure through your spine. So use the muscles in your back to support your spine.

It's 90% legs! The biggest power output on the rowing machine is generated through squeezing your quads, and glutes.

When you get tired, remember the above.