Our new classes

We are excited to announce our newly evolved classes, starting January 2.

To give you better results and push you harder, we've assessed and refined every detail of our workouts to ensure we continue to give you the best experience possible.  

We've scrutinised the duration, presentation and structure, to give you higher energy and more challenging classes. We've also simplified the naming for our workouts to make things clearer when booking your class.

If you’re making the effort to come to the gym, we owe you a comprehensive warm up, warm down and the potential to really push yourself during the main body of the workout. Extending some of the class times to 55 minutes is a natural transition which we hope you’ll thrive on. 

We’re still driven by the principles that underpin what we’ve always done: great service, top trainers, quality classes and innovative thinking. 

Here’s a breakdown of what’s changing…

Most classes have stayed the same but are just renamed to make things clearer, like Resistance becomes TRX and Accelerate becomes Cycle, while Power Yoga, Mat Pilates and Stretch all stay the same. 

Velocity is the most evolved – now called Circuit, it is our new 55 minute full body conditioning class. We’ve designed this to challenge you. After a comprehensive mobilising warm up you’ll move through a dynamic circuit that will develop your endurance, strength and all round athleticism.

Meanwhile Lift has been incorporated into Circuit – due to it’s popularity and the requirements within the class, we took our favourite components of our strength class and integrated them into Circuit.

And Pace has become Row. Now in a bigger studio with a better atmosphere, the class is 55 minutes and you'll also have greater variety in your floor work.

We encourage you to try out these changes which are to help you get the most out of your experience at Core Collective. We're confident you'll enjoy them. Please let us know any feedback!