We work hard to bring you the best experience possible, from the moment you book your class, all the way through to your workout. We’re really excited to have partnered with Dibs Technology to bring you competitive dynamic pricing, no matter how you like to book, all in one place.

Beginning Thurs 8 Feb there will only be one way to sign in and purchase booking options on our website.  

What's in it for you:

1. Best Price Guaranteed. Whether you book one class at a time or regularly via one of our passes, you'll be able to benefit from lower prices by booking early, and with pricing based on demand.

2. Get Rewarded. Earn credit back for booking lower demand classes, even with a package!

So if you book using our class packs (4, 8, 16, 32 packs), you can earn credit back. You will never pay more than the rate of the class pack and if the class costs less on dynamic pricing, you will earn that credit (£) back to your account. 

E.g. You have a 4 pack (rate of £21.25 per class) and you book a class that costs £17 on the dynamic pricing platform - you will earn £4.25 back in credit to use against your next purchase.

And if you’re on a gold, silver or bronze pass, your class rate will stay the same as these are the lowest rates available.

All existing packages, passes and existing credit will transferred as part of this update. And you'll need to do is reset your password when prompted! 

Email if you have any questions.