We asked Gabriella Peacock to tell us more about her 3-day kits and why they're a great addition to our busy lives. 

My philosophy as a nutritional therapist is to free clients from strict rules and create bespoke solutions that fit around busy modern lifestyles. Most of my clients are time poor which is exactly why I created easy to take supplement ranges that are simple to follow. My 3-day kits are great nutritional boosters for those feeling tired and unbalanced. Each kit is great at supporting workouts targeting specific concerns such as fatigue, weight management, stress or rebalancing the body.

I have developed potent, goal-focused formulas in convenient on-the-go sachets enabling individuals to live life to the full. These bio-intense formulations provide a complete daily dose of nutrition perfect in supporting those who are living a fast-paced lifestyle who don’t want to compromise on their health and wellbeing.

The formulas are highly concentrated, containing naturally sourced, superfood-rich ingredients that are free from any additives and preservatives, maximising and absorption into the body. The range has been clinically proven to work, whilst being composed of naturally ‘free-from’ ingredients suitable for everyone including those with food sensitivities, they are also designed as pre-packed individual doses, allowing users to consume gels, capsules or powders on the go and be easily incorporated into a daily routine.

I have summarised each kit to help you select the best booster pack for you:

ENERGISE ME: Long working hours, frequent travel and a high-energy social life can be hugely demanding. Energise Me keeps individuals refreshed, while increasing endurance and rebalancing and regaining vitality. This potent blend of vitamins, minerals and superfood extracts is scientifically proven to boost energy levels, reduce tiredness, whilst supporting brain function and immune defense.

SLIM ME: Carefully created to balance metabolism while giving more control over appetite, supporting digestion and ensuring energy levels stay lifted without resorting to sugar-filled snacks. Slim Me uses unique gel-based formulas containing natural fibres and scientifically proven ingredients that work as an effective natural appetite suppressant while supporting digestion and balancing blood sugar levels.

CALM ME: Stressful jobs, highly demanding lives and a lack of sleep can leave individuals feeling depleted, out of balance and overwhelmed. Calm Me’s powerful ingredients nourish at a cellular level, helping to calm the mind, soothe the body, and aid a restful sleep – revitalising from the inside out.

CLEAN ME: Long work hours combined with late nights can put demands on physical and mental wellbeing. Sleep loss, frequent travel or protection from burn out can be the perfect reason to turn to Restore Me which helps to increase endurance, rebalance, and restore vitality.

GP Nutrition 3 days kits are available at Core Collective.