We chatted with Carl about why LIFT+ROW is the class you need to you add to your regime. 

You'll have seen them, the rowing machines in the corner at every gym. Most of the time unused, or not used very well - as shown here...! But the rowing machine is used by lots of athletes so it's probably worth a try, right? 

So why LIFT+ROW, what makes it work?

Simple really. Rowing is a combination or strength and cardio. So while you're getting your sweat fix, regular sessions will tone your abs, butt, thighs, lower legs, back, shoulders and arms. Yep, it's a total body workout that will melt fat, increase your strength and endurance, and get you on the way to your best body ever. 

It’s also unlike anything you would’ve ever experienced. Even athletes use indoor rowing as a way of providing extra endurance sessions for their cross-training programmes. So, whether you’re new to exercise, relatively fit or a pro-athlete, you can benefit from LIFT+ROW. 

What can you expect from a normal class?

The class is aimed at giving you maximum results, by targeting all major muscle groups through a combination of rowing and floor based exercises. The workouts are programmed on a six-week-cycle, but you can jump in at any point and start tracking your progress. 

Each workout starts with some mobility drills and a short set on the rowing machine, focusing on stroke-rate, power output and slowly engaging the muscles, increasing heart-rate and lung capacity. The actual workout is then split into rowing and floor based exercises. So half the time you're rowing, and the other half varies from HIIT style training, to longer EMOM's (every minute on the minute), to endurance 1km, 2km time-trials on the rowing machine combined with body-building lifts. The sessions last 55min which include a decent cool-down and stretch.

A recent example would be our High Intensity Interval Bodybuilding workouts. Yes, you may have heard of HIIT, but this is HIIB!

The main workout was 6x rounds of: 

  • 5x Deadlifts, at 5RM weight
  • 5x DB Push Press, at 5RM weight
  • 25 CAL Row as fast as possible
  • 2min rest between sets

The workout then finished with a partner 2,000m sprint on the rowing machine. If you haven't tried this, it's brutally fun.

At the start of this specific six-week-programme, we measured everyone's 5RM deadlift and push-press, so this is what they based their weight on for this particular workout. One of our goals is to give people a focus for their workouts and to measure their results, so each programme cycle focusses on incremental gains both on and off the rowing machine.

Why do you incorporate this class into your own training?

If it's good enough for the champ, it's good enough for me!


I love throwing rowing into my own workouts as part of a warm-up and cool-down, but mainly in-between the main part of my sessions. I use it to increase strength and threshold capacity, especially when incorporating rowing into session when I'm lifting heavy. But I mainly love it for how connected it makes my body feel. Once you have the basic form/technique, you can literally feel your whole body engage in each stroke. 

Do you have foundation classes if I've never rowed before?

We are looking at introducing a foundations class at the start of each month. This will go through the rowing technique, but also get people comfortable with some of the weighted movements which incorporate kettlebells, barbells or dumbbells.

What sort of results can you expect?

Result are always dependant on your own input. And I always say “abs are made in the kitchen”. But, over the course of 6-8 weeks, adding 1-2 LIFT+ROW classes to your workout programme, you should see a measurable increase in strength and overall fitness. And if you compare before and after pics, a definitive increase in lean muscle and reduction in body-fat. Take it a step further, and combine it with a proper meal-plan (like Coach Clem’s transformation programme) and focussed exercise routine - you will see significant results!

Caveat... LIFT+ROW will not turn you into the Hulk. It's a high intensity class that’s aimed at shredding fat and creating toned bodies!

How often should you do it to see results/improvements ?

The workouts change twice weekly (Sun - Tue / Wed - Sat). One workout is always more focused on strength (i.e. sculpting and bodybuilding), while the other is geared toward maximum effort fitness and shredding the pounds. Doing two LIFT+ROW sessions per week will really help your technique, and you’ll get to know a community of people who become your workout buddies, and your competition the same time (a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone).