It’s that time of the year again, Christmas is over and we’re left feeling full and sluggish! With New Year resolutions being made to go to the gym more, regain the energy and vitality that those extra glasses of bubbles deflated, it’s no wonder we need a little helping hand.

This month we want to help by celebrating the detoxifying abilities food has on our bodies. As so much of looking and feeling good is derived through what we eat, the first stage is to say goodbye to those Christmas indulgences and welcome all the foods that will help rid the body of any nasty toxins left over!

Luckily for us, our bodies naturally spring clean themselves on a daily basis through an amazing process called detoxification. To put it simply this process basically destroys and removes these nasty toxins in our body. Performed in two stages by the liver and kidneys, they neutralise and break down anything that could cause harm then they are bound to the good guys, such as antioxidants, and flushed out of the body without doing any damage. Unfortunately these toxic substances are hard to avoid, even more so during the festive period - found in anything from cosmetics, to fried foods, to alcohol and processed foods. This added stress and strain from the joys of Christmas means our bodies need a little help to keep us healthy all winter long. This is where our diet and nutrition comes into play.  

We aim to ease this process and even help promote the detoxification process by reducing your intake of these toxic products. By including plenty of leafy greens, citrus fruits, antioxidants and micronutrients, our bodies get the assistance it needs. 

Here’s a little more information as to how these foods can help:

Leafy greens - these green wonders contain chlorophyll, a plant pigment that increases the binding of the bad guys to the good guys. 

Citrus fruits - containing vitamin C and minerals that boost bodily functions, these fruits are ideal for those lacking in essential nutrients after the festive period. By including these in your diet you’re helping to enhance the cleansing process within the liver. 

Antioxidants - an important enzyme that are designed to scavenge free radicals(the bad guys) around the body and neutralise them, thus relieving the liver of a high detoxification stress. With fewer toxic molecules the liver doesn’t have to work as hard and your body can focus on repairing other parts.

Micronutrients - micronutrients are all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Essentially the more you consume, the more enzymes there are to help neutralise toxins in the body. 

Now with all this in mind, we’ve created three specials that make the perfect environment for your body to stay toxin free! Check out the menu.