The Benefits of training with your own Body 

I always hear the sentence “ I would love to try it but it’s so difficult “. You're right. Bodyweight training will probably challenge you in ways you never thought possible but the rewards are priceless. 


Let’s start with the basics. Body weight training offers a no excuses approach as you will struggle to find a valid reason not to train. Start anywhere. Just move, in any way that you can. It can be as simple as practicing at home or heading to your local park for some inspiration. Bodyweight training is becoming widely popularised nowadays and is very much the most accessible route to train from beginner to advanced movers. 

The most wonderful thing about training with your own body weight is that you are constantly humbled by a skill you have never met before. Encouraging the muscles and joints to work cohesively in perfect harmony can become somewhat addictive when you reach your first training milestone. 

Unconvinced? Here are some of the most notable reasons for anyone to add bodyweight training into their programme:

1- You are training with one bodyweight consistently throughout your programming thus giving a reduction in injury rate as you learn to adapt rather than overload. This is further supported with a heavy focus on mobility to carry out certain skills such as pistol squats or skin the cat. Your future self will thank you for moving in a way that nature intended - time to divorce your sofa! 

2- Fat loss is inevitable due to the functional movement patterns that are followed in training which fires up several muscle groups at one time during any given skill practice. This in turn leaves the body with improved core stability which is tested in every move within bodyweight training. Athletes with a bodyweight focused regime are some of the strongest, proportionate, aesthetically pleasing bodies known to man! 

3- It's efficient. Your own two hands and two feet can accomplish the most effective, efficient workout with no frills attached. When you get more confident and you want to expand your training you can start to add bands, bars or even suspension training. If you can incorporate the gymnastic rings into your training (like in Velocity) you are increasing your game tenfold as the rings offer strength, mobility and stability like no other apparatus in the training world. 

All in all if you just want to learn some cool party tricks to decorate your instagram with, then so be it, the above will be part of the journey regardless. This type of training is one of very few that offers transferable strength, agility and stability to other sports and exercise so it’s a no brainer to get to Core Collective's Resistance or Velocity classes for some of those gruelling decline push ups. Start small and count every win along the way - the muscle up is only unattainable if you make it so ;)