Founder's Interview

We sat down with Jason and ask him a few questions about his plans for expansion and why he chose to crowdfund for our second site. 

What are your plans for Core Collective?

I want to grow our business sustainably and patiently so that we can continue to deliver a really premium offering while remaining true to our brand identity and not cut corners which can so easily happen. Currently our main goal is to take the next step to another site but there are a few other projects in the pipeline.

Why are you crowdfunding?

We have a really engaged client base, a lot of whom expressed interest in being involved when I would discuss our expansion plans. Seedrs is a platform that allows this to become a reality. I think it's excellent for a business like ours which relies so heavily on word of mouth to have potentially hundreds of shareholders supporting us. 

What can investors expect?

100% commitment, transparency and honesty. We believe in what we are doing, we believe the plans are realistic and we expect to deliver this to the best of our ability.

Tell us about your team?

It became clear early on that this is a people business. It also became clear that if you want to do one site to the level it needs to be done, you need top people. We have pulled together a really dynamic team - everyone offers something different. We're also aware that many people who have been with us since the beginning are seeking progression. Expansion will open up these opportunities for people to step up.

Why is Core Collective different? 

We think about the effectiveness of the classes and the deliciousness of the food first. That is after all why people come - what we do has to work.  We constantly review, tweak and test what we offer so that we aren't complacent. On top of that we think about the little details that make the experience that little bit more positive for people. 

How do you see the fitness scene in London developing? 

I see a continuation of what's already happening. All the trends at play are very powerful.  There is a seismic shift away from mid-priced membership gyms towards boutique concepts. The flexible experience favours the customer much more. You need to be good for people to come to you, whereas traditional gyms rely on sleeping members. London is dense and dynamic and people want to move around, try new things and concepts and enjoy the variety of fitness like they do eating out at different restaurants.